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Studio City Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are utilized in residential and commercial applications and chosen for their elegant durability. Ranging in styles from Apache to Californian to Mediterranean, our driveways are crafted from galvanized steel and powder coated for strength and durability.

Studio City Contemporary Gates

Contemporary gates are chosen to compliment unique design styles. Our design specialists have extensive experience in integrating a wide variety of contemporary gates into various home types. We will find a gate to suit your taste while providing excellent service and commitment to your project.

Studio City Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are popular choice as they offer durability, elegance, and can be customized to compliment your existing style of home or landscape. We offer a wide range of wood including cedar, redwood, and cherry for a high-end deep-color finish. Our technicians will service your wooden gate with the upmost care.

Studio City Security Gates

The first choice for commercial properties and industrial facilities, security gates are designed for durability and endurance. Residential properties often opt for steel folding security gates for their deterrent factor and visibility. If security is a concern, these gates are highly recommended for their toughness and ease of transportation.


Studio City ENTRY gates

Entry gates made of different material offer higher level of security, privacy and curb appeal. See below the major array of materials for driveway gates:


Iron Entry Gates introduces security and durability for a long lasting gate Wood Entry Gates provides exceptional privacy with style Security Gates meets the most demanding security and privacy needs
Classic Entry Gates showcases a harmonious classic curb appeal Modern Entry Gates built to meet your modern stylish environment Ornamental Entry Gates designed to match your design and style


Studio City Slide Operators

These units ensure sliding gates run parallel to the property line. In cases of dual sliding gates, two slide operators are required. Slide operators are manufactured in a variety of sizes to reflect the different weight and entrance demands of gates and properties. We will help you determine the best operator for your gate.


Elite - Robo Slide (Residential)

This is our most advanced slide gate operator for single family residences. Designed for super-quiet and reliable performance, it can handle up to 70 cycles per day with gates weighing up to 800 lbs. and up to 20 feet in length. 3 YEARS WARRANTY

Elite - SL 3000 UL (Commercial)

he first choice for heavy-traffic applications and high-demand customers, including large development and management companies, prestigious residential gated communities, and custom home builders. 7 YEARS WARRANTY FOR RESIDENTIAL, 5 YEARS COMMERCIAL.

All-O-Matic SL-100

This is the most popular automatic gate operator. Affordable, slim and rated for continuous duty on gates up to 1000lbs. This is a 110 Volt AC device capable of years and years of reliable service. 7 YEARS WARRANTY FOR RESIDENTIAL, 5 YEARS COMMERCIAL.

All-O-Matic SL-150 (Commercial)

This is our commercial slide operator. These operators run on gates for many high schools and government facilities. It will operate gates up to 65 ft. and 8,000lbs. With its premier 1hp motor. 7 YEARS WARRANTY FOR RESIDENTIAL, 5 YEARS COMMERCIAL.

Ramset Ram-100 (Residential)

Residential gate operator. This small gate operator is extreamly powerful and reliable and comes with an amazing 10 year warranty for residential application.

Ramset Ram-1000 (Commercial)

Perfect for heavier residential or commercial installations.



Swing operators are designed to endure the weight and open/close cycles of gates opening inward or outward while providing the best performance.

Swing operators are manufactured in a variety of sizes to reflect the different weight and entrance demands of gates and properties. We will help you determine the best operator for your gate.


Elite Miracle One and Miracle Two

The Miracle-One™ is a DC-powered swing gate operator designed to deliver smooth, ultra-quiet performance. 2 YEARS WARRENTY.

Elite Robo Swing (Residential)

The Robo Swing is our most advanced swing gate operator for single family residences and residential complexes up to 15 units. 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Elite CSW200UL (Residential)

The CSW200UL models of swing gate operators are the first choice for heavy-traffic applications. 7 YEAR WARRANTY RESIDENTIAL 5 YEAR COMMERCIAL

All-O-Matic SW300 (Residential/Commercial)

This is our residential and commerical gate operator. This will swing gates up to 18ft and 800lbs.Its silent, elegant slow-stop & slow-start features is the envy of the industry.

All-O-Matic SW350 (Commercial)

This is our commerical swing operator. The SW-350 is capable of swinging gates up to 22ft and 2000lbs. This is for the tough jobs. The SW-350 is heavy metal.

Faac 400 (Commercial)

The Model 400 heavy duty hydraulic swing gate operator is specifically designed for situations needing maximum versatility, such as apartment, subdivision, commercial & industrial, and certain residential applications. 2 YEARS WARRANTY

Faac 750 (Residential)

The Model 750 in-ground hydraulic swing gate operator is designed for underground installation in residential applications. 2 YEARS WARRANTY.

Faac 390

The Model 390 hydraulic swing gate operator is specifically designed for residential applications. 2 YEARS WARRANTY.


Studio City Overheads

Used primarily in apartment or commercial buildings due to their higher cycle life and lift power.

Overheads are manufactured in a variety of sizes to endure the different demands of commercial buildings. We will help you choose the most durable yet cost-effective operator.


Elite/Liftmaster APT (Commercial)

Model APT is a low-profile apartment house operator that features a resilient-mount motor, low-profile design, industrial ball bearings on the output shaft, and quiet-gliding rail spacers. 2 YEAR WARRANTY

All-O-Matic OH200 (Commercial)

This is a commercial gate operator for overhead tilt up gates. You will see this operator quietly operating gates for underground parking facilities and apartment/condo buildings. 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Ramset Ram-2000 (Commercial)

Perfect for heavy duty Residential and commercial installations. 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Ramset Ram-2100 (Commercial/Industrial)

Perfect for commercial/industrial installations on large gates where 120VAC is present. 5 YEAR WARRANTY