Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Services

With years of experience repairing a wide range of garage door and gate types and openers, we are more than qualified to service your garage and gate door needs. Support is only one phone call away. Our services include an all-point safety inspection and we will replace damaged hardware (springs, drums, rollers), replace or patch broken panels, and repair garage openers and receivers.




Garage door repairs might seem expensive and complicated, but our team of certified garage door repair specialists will be able to replace entire doors. Our service vehicles are fully stocked with spare parts for prompt service.

We pride ourselves on being able to pinpoint the problem and fixing it with minimal inconvenience and only to the highest safety standards.


Newer garage doors rely on motor-driven garage openers for the convenience of an automated system. These reliable units face their share of problems from time to time. Our technicians will able to troubleshoot and service the unit in a timely and efficient manner.

Torsion Springs

Garage door openers rely on torsion springs to, experiencing great force each time the door is opened and closed. Every spring will eventually crack and break and repairs can be complicated. We can extend the life of your springs through tension adjustment or we will replace broken springs with high- tension steel parts.

Spring replacement can be dangerous as the springs are under great duress. We will replace them safely with high tension oil-dipped springs.

Off Track

Often a garage door will come off its tracks due to an obstruction or it may not close due to tracks being dented or broken from normal use. Our service vehicles will be stocked with spare parts so we can realign, repair, or replace sections or entire tracks on the spot.

We utilize galvanized tracks protected from rust and corrosion and designed for standard lift, vertical lift, and horizontal lift. Our technicians will determine what type of tracks to use.

Drums & Rollers

Drums and rollers help balance the door when opening and closing. The drums sit on the sides of the door using cables to keep the door stable while rollers sit inside the track to move the door smoothly. Over time, these parts may break and need realignment. We will identify the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.

Cables may also wear out early from overuse and will cause the door to lift and lower improperly. We can easily remedy this by utilizing high density steel cables.

Panel Replacement

Garage doors will eventually be dented or broken, either by accident or calamities of nature. If only a few panels are damaged, then only a few panels will need to be replaced, saving you money and time. We carry a wide variety of styles in panels so your garage door will look as if new. Broken panels left unchecked will cause more damage to the door when opened. Call us now for a skilled replacement.


Lift Master - Model 3280

1/2 HP belt drive garage door opener. Extremely quiet smooth running reliability is what this operator delivers.

Lift Master - Model 3255

1/2 HP chain drive garage door opener. Get great performance and great value with this garage door opener. Its industrial - strenghth chain drive provides smooth, steady performance.

Genie promax

Chain drive garage door opener. Rugged full chain and solid steel T-rail for lasting performance. Reliable performance - fully enclosed permanently lubricated gear housing for longer life. Available in 1/2HP and 1/3HP models.

Merantec model m-4700

1/2 HP belt drive garage door opener. This garage door operator is amazingly quiet and reliable. When opening and closing garage door the only noise you will hear would be from the door itself.

Merantec model q-7900

3/4 HP belt drive garage door opener. This amazing garage door opener system is specificlly designed for carriage house doors and extreamlly heavy doors. Extreamlly quiet and reliable. LIFE TIME WARRANTY ON PARTS.

Lift Master - Model 3240

Get optimal performance no matter what climate you live in. Our 3240 1/2 HP screw drive opener is specially engineered to run smoothly and quietly in even the coldest and hottest temperatures.

Lift Master - Model 3585

3/4 HP belt drive garage door opener. Powerfull and quiet, this garage door opener can lift even the heaviest garage doors effortlessly.

Genie pro stelth

1/2 HP belt drive garage door opener. -Ultra quiet operation, reintorced belt drive. -Smooth operation automatic soft start and stop. -Life time limited warranty on motor.

Genie model 8600-7600

Screw drive garage door opener. Solid steel screw for strength and security. No gears, chains or belts to wear out Easy installation.

Merantec model m-4500

1/3 HP belt drive garage door opener. This garage door opener is a reliable system designed to perform, built to last and gauranteed to provide years of smooth, trauble free operator. 15 YEARS WARRANTY ON PARTS.

Lift Master - Residental Jackshaft opener

Maximize the space in your garage with our space-saving wall-mounted jackshaft opener. It even has an optional standby power system that will continue working, even when the power goes out.